Maricela del Rio

The colorful side of my life


Oils, acrylics, watercolors, I love all of them. 


 I have a Bachelor Degree as a Fashion Designer. 

        Celebrated for an exotic original style defined by brilliant coloured designs and paintings. I started designing jewelry combined with my artwork in my 30's.

       Soon I opened my first store in Cancun, Mexico.   

       In 2016, I opened my second store-atelier in Brussels, Belgium.

       " I wanted to integrate a Gallery together with my atelier in Brussels

       to expose my art and now this dream came true" 


       " Being an artist was my only dream when I was growing up " .

       I like the viewer to be able to take a little section of my paintings, the background,  body, face etc... and find something interesting in each part. 

     " So far I have not participated in other galleries or exhibitions but in my own store-atelier."   

        April 2020 I started a mentorship with Albin Veselka at Sentient Academy of Art to improve my painting skills.         

        February 2019 my  painting workshops began.

      "I want to share this amazing world of colors while we enjoy a glass of wine". 

        And hey! I'm  a "YOGUI". 


  Maricela del Rio, 1971, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico.


Jeremy Winborg, Ashley Longshore, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo, Pepe Salgado, Rene Magritte


2020-2023 Sentient Academy Art Education Brussels, Belgium
1989-1993 Licentiate Degree Fashion Design School Mexico City, Mexico
1991-1991 Color composition / Collection Designer Milano, Italy
Maricela Del Rio

The artist at work

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